Modessthe Sound

Deep house | Progressive house | Electronica | techouse | EDM Modessthe Sound as life is music, different organizing activities, playing the musical instrument and being a Dj.

Modessthe Sound, the international competition “Movida Corona DJ Championship finalist
Musical activity started in 2005. There were different kinds of
events, such like discos at school. In 2008 started playing the
musical instrument and got interested in club activities.
One of his first clubs was at the Lithuanian Baltic sea in Vilnius during the local events.
Some performances of famous performers are done following the remix
house music rhythm.
The music knowledge and experience was developed in the best Vilnius
night club “Helios CLUB’. Later on, started co-working with private
events throughout Lithuania and event organising firm “Mano Disco”.
In the autumn of the same year he worked as a resident playing in the
cycle of parties “GUESS WHO”, co-working with well known both, cinema
and theatre people. Some time later, started organising the events on
his own as well as creating his team: dancers, copy writers,
photographers and performers using acoustic instruments (percussion).

During the 2010 year only, Modessthe Sound was sharing the stage with
such groups and performers
The first mixes appeared in the radio station “Power Hit Radio” in the program
Power Partyzone and Sunday Club, in 2011.
In autumn 2011 he was invited to take part in the most popular TV show project “Dance With Star” (together with percussionist DonnyDrumz) as well as taking part in Dance With Me Official After party. Moreover, he took part in other well known projects like ” Lithuanian Got Talents”, final show of “Dance and Loose Your Weight”, the opening of the show “Chorus Wars” and other private events with popular Lithuanian dancers participating. in addition to that he also co-works with “Time Leaders”.
He is also handling such activities like event organising in the
Night Clubs and private parties, co-working with performers and other
Djs, hiring the electronic equipment, lighting and various stage
activities too. He is involved in making designs of posters being
advertised as well as making layouts of personal cards and printing
them to.

Modessthe Sound as life is music, different organising activities, playing the
musical instrument and being a Dj.