Saxtone has been following the trails of music with a saxophone in his hands from early childhood, all the way from jazz improvisations to contemporary dance music.

His electronic music career started with group “Proper Heat”. Together with well-known Lithuania DJ/producer Martin Virgin, and singer/actor Karolis Ramoška they created an exquisite alliance of three musicians deeply mad about jazz, house, disco and electronics.

In 2011 „Proper Heat“ signed the contract with a London record label Nang Records Group. After three extremely well received EP’s (“The Move”, “We are ready“, “Just a Little Bit“) in 2013 „Proper Heat“ released their debut album “Chapter One”.

The biggest impact in Saxtone career was made by: remix for DJ St. Stereo – “Make me colorful” feat. Juste Starinskaite, a single – “This is my life” feat. Soliaris and track such as “Coffee and Saxophone”.

Saxtone in 2013 together with his brother Paul Monroe founded the `record label “Meska Music” and released his debut single “Love Song.”