Meska Music

In the beginning God created the sky and the earth. The earth was empty and had no form.

Then God created man. And man started to create. Create Music and search for forms.

We are pleased to present a music label founded by two brothers, with the goal of spreading the vibration of house music. With new forms and colors. Deep. Groovy. With a taste of melon.


The Meska Music Festival is a two day musical festival held at the picturesque island of Zarasai located in Northern Lithuania near the boarders of Latvia and Belarussia. The Meska Music Festival has the wonderful concept of people first. The festival aims to have as many guest, music lovers, and volunteers enjoying time at the festival. Between the performers, cheerful water and land entertainment, builders and organizers of the various selling booths and volunteers from around the local area and from across Europe, the festival is poised to establish itself as a annual music event.